The American Indian Diabetes Prevention Center currently has ten programs/projects involving
Principal Investigators from the College of Medicine, College of Nursing and the College of Public Health.

In addition, the OUHSC interdisciplinary teams have partnered with the Choctaw Nation, Chickasaw Nation, the Oklahoma City Area Inter-Tribal Health Board and the Southern Plains Epidemiology Center.

2012-2017 Projects

Research Core

Parental/Caregiver Distress Among Oklahoma Choctaws Coping with Dependents Diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
J. Neil Henderson (Oklahoma Choctaw), Ph.D. and L. Carson Henderson, Ph.D., MPH, BSN

Incentivizing Behavior: Promoting More Physical Activity in American Indian Youth
Kevin Short, Ph.D.

Pre-Eclampsia: Factors Conferring Risk and Protection in Minority Women
Timothy Lyons, MD, FRCP

Reseach and Training Core

Health Disparities in Public Health Course Curriculum
L. Carson Henderson, Ph.D., MPH, BSN

Increasing Health Disparities Knowledge and Improving Health Disparities Research through Online Teaching
Beverly Patchell, Ph.D., APRN

Community Education to Improve Participation in Health Disparities Research
Thomas Teasdale, DrPH, FGSA

Digital Storytelling: Stories of Parents and Children Battling Diabetes
Dave Baldridge (Cherokee) and L. Carson Henderson, Ph.D., MPH, BSN

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Initiative
Howard Stein, Ph.D.

Community Engagement Core

Building Youth Assets to Prevent Diabetes
Roy Oman, Ph.D.

Good Food Neighbor Initiative
Carla Guy (Caddo)


2007-2012 Projects


American Indian Diabetes and Practices: Maternal Care, Infant Care and Adherence
J.Neil Henderson, (Oklahoma Choctaw) Ph.D. and L. Carson Henderson, Ph.D., MPH, BSN
Medical Outcomes Survey: Validation and Cultural Adaptation in the American Indian Population with Diabetes Mellitus
Ann F. Chou, Ph.D.,MPH

Weight Bearing Activity: Links to Diabetic Foot Health in Native Americans
Elena Cuaderas, Ph.D., RN, CNE

Steady Activity in Life Study (SAILS)
June Eichner, Ph.D.

Arterial Elasticity in Overweight and Normal Weight Native American Children
Andrew Gardner, Ph.D.

Markers and Mechanisms for Pre-Eclampsia in Women with Type 2 Diabetes
Timothy Lyons, MD, FRCP

Evaluating Culturally Tailored Materials in a Diabetes Prevention
Delores Bigfoot, (Caddo) Ph.D.

Training American Indian and Alaskan Native Nurses as Researchers
Beverly Patchell, Ph.D., APRN


Last Updated: November 30, 2016